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rugzo's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 16 (From 7 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 275 Points


First Crash Unlocked 2/15/14
5 Points
Just make a crash.
easyCopter Starter Unlocked 2/15/14
10 Points
Collect 10 Fuel Tanks
easyCopter Pro 25 Points Collect 25 Fuel Tanks
easyCopter WTF 50 Points Collect 50 Fuel Tanks

Medals Earned: 2/4 (15/90 points)

Grumpy Cupid

Game Completed! Unlocked 2/16/14
25 Points
Defeat the final boss
Crushed! 25 Points Crush at least 65 hearts on the third level
Bow Master 50 Points Hit at least 45 hearts on the first level
Sniper! 50 Points Defeat the final boss with less than 20 shots
Flappy Cupid! 100 Points Destroy at least 60 hearts at Level 4
Sliced​​! 100 Points Slice at least 90 hearts at level 2
Super Combo! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/7 (25/400 points)

Idle Pinata

Getting Started Unlocked 2/16/14
5 Points
You destroyed your first Pinata!
BlueNata 5 Points 50 Shades of Blue
Pinkata 5 Points For the girly type!
Striped! 5 Points Almost like a Zebra!
Turtles 5 Points I was born in the wrong shell!
Yummy! 5 Points Pinatas made of Chocolate!

Medals Earned: 1/6 (5/30 points)

Intruder Combat Training

adept Unlocked 7/23/12
5 Points
Kill 10 enemies.
headshot Unlocked 7/23/12
10 Points
Get 10 headshots
sniper Unlocked 7/23/12
100 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
killer 25 Points Kill 100 enemies
specialist 50 Points Get 50 headshots
agent 100 Points Finish all 10 missions
maniac Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 3/7 (115/340 points)

Mineral Rush: Runes zero

Refining Unlocked 2/16/14
5 Points
Smelt something in the Blast Furnace
Super stones Unlocked 2/16/14
5 Points
Acquire a rune
Touch of Gold Unlocked 2/16/14
5 Points
Acquire Gold Ore
Quester 5 Points Complete a quest
Achiever 10 Points Complete the first Quest set
Coal collector 10 Points Have more than 1000 coal
It's under 9000! 10 Points Get as close to under 9000 coins as you can
Jewerly at it's finest 10 Points Acquire Sapphire
Knighting up 10 Points Smith a shield
Lifesaving bling 10 Points Smith a golden shield
Lumber Leet 10 Points Have 13 Oak Wood and 37 Willow Wood at the same time
Man's best friend 10 Points Smith a pickaxe
Preparing for Adventure 10 Points Smith a sword
Adventurer 25 Points Acquire 100 Bravery Power
Any Miner's wet dream 25 Points Acquire Dragonstone via mining
Expert Miner 25 Points Acquire 100 Mining Power
Knighted up! 25 Points Acquire 25 armor power
Local hero 25 Points Finish the Village quest set
Mythical Equipment 25 Points Smith a Dragonstone tool
Simply Awesome 25 Points Acquire 1000 Total Power
The power of Belief 25 Points Smith a necklace
See you in Valhalla 50 Points Defeat Paulous
Epic emeraldness 100 Points Acquire the Emerald pickaxe
Fist of fortune Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Flawless fashion Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Melted butter Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Tricking death Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 3/27 (15/500 points)

Road of the Dead 2

Been there, Killed that Unlocked 2/17/14
10 Points
Kill one of each enemy type
Come with me if you want to live Unlocked 2/17/14
10 Points
Rescue and secure a civilian
Blunt Force Trauma Unlocked 2/17/14
25 Points
Kill 100 zombies with your vehicle
Gun Slinger Unlocked 2/17/14
25 Points
Weaken a hood grappling zombie with 1 weapon, then quickly switch to another weapon to finish it off with one shot
Perfect Defense Unlocked 2/17/14
25 Points
While stopped during a task, don't let a single zombie reach your vehicle's hood
F@#K Wheels! 5 Points Drive 3 km with no wheels
Free Ride 5 Points Complete story mode with atleast 1 rescued civilian still in your vehicle
Hydroficially Evolved 5 Points Destroy a fire hydrant and use its water to extinguish your engine fire.
Death Race 10 Points Maintain max speed for 0.5 km
Gibs n Gravy 10 Points Splatter 50 zombies with your vehicle or guns
Ground Beef 10 Points Remove a mutant side grapple by grinding it off on a rail/wall
Slip and Slide 10 Points Don't hit anything after sliding through an oil slick
I'm the Alpha 25 Points Kill an alpha mutant with a pistol
Knowledge is Survival 25 Points Unlock the entire survival guide
Metal Dragon 25 Points In rescue mode, don't let a single civilian die for 3 rounds in a row
Mutant Sandwich 25 Points Survive 2 mutant side grappling both characters
Dead on Time 50 Points Gain 1 minute bonus time in out of time mode
Heaven Sent 50 Points Save 50 civilians in Rescue Op before failing
I've seen things... 50 Points Reach max levels on at least one character
First Blood 100 Points Reach 20 km in f.u.b.a.r.
Hardcore Survival 100 Points Complete Hardcore Story mode
Into the Wild Blue Yonder 100 Points Complete story mode
Mutant Stomp 100 Points Reach 20 km in mutant meltdown
Perfect Soldiers 100 Points Upgrade every perk, gun, and max level both characters
Zombie Slayer 100 Points Reach 20 km in dead state

Medals Earned: 5/25 (95/1,000 points)

Tek Tactical

Killer Unlocked 2/15/14
5 Points
Kill 5 enemies.
Goal Setter 5 Points Earn 6 achievements.
Mass Murderer 5 Points Kill 125 enemies.
Minimalist 5 Points Earn 1 achievement.
Serial Killer 5 Points Kill 30 enemies.
Achievement Acquirer 10 Points Earn 40 achievements.
Badge Badger 10 Points Earn 25 achievements.
Goal Getter 10 Points Earn 16 achievements.
Half-Assed 10 Points Earn 65 achievements. That's half of the total 130 achievements.
Rampage 10 Points Kill 550 enemies.
Maniac Murderer 25 Points Kill 1,900 enemies.
Medal Monster 25 Points Earn 80 achievements.
Non-Stop Rampage 25 Points Kill 1,125 enemies.
Maniacal Mangler 50 Points Kill 11,000 enemies.
Medal Maniac 50 Points Earn 110 achievements.
Menacing Maimer 50 Points Kill 4,000 enemies.
Genocide 100 Points Kill 60,000 enemies.
Perfectionist 100 Points Earn all 130 achievements. Must've taken you a while, huh?

Medals Earned: 1/18 (5/500 points)